About DinaburgArts:


DinaburgArts LLC is a New York-based art advising firm that offers curatorial advice, collection management, creative marketing, cultural branding, and art education. The company specializes in:

- The acquisition and de-accession of Contemporary Art, Asian Art, Post-Impressionist and Modernist Masters

- Artists' Estates

- Cultural branding and Creative Marketing Strategies

- Education and Collaboration


DinaburgArts LLC was founded in 1993 by Mary Dinaburg. For over 25 years, DinaburgArts has managed private and corporate art collections; facilitated collaborations between artist and commercial brands, such as Hermes and Sak Fifth Avenue; and curated exhibitions and events with major international galleries and esteemed institutions, like the Royal Academy of Arts (London).

From 2000 to 2016, DinaburgArts operated in the Asiatic region - introducing major international artists to Asian collectors, as well as established and emerging Asian artists to the West.

DinaburgArts relocated to New York in 2017 and has been focusing increasingly on collaborative projects. The company is currently working on educational programming with art critic and long-time ARTnews editor Barbara MacAdam and art critic and art historian Barbara Rose, among others. The first iteration of this collaboration can be seen in MacAdam & Co. ArtTalk - a forum that posts topical articles, critical observations, and reviews, and encourages readers to respond. We envision DinaburgArts’ website as a multifaceted platform that encourages critical engagement and dialogue.