Mary Dinaburg

Mary Dinaburg

Mary Dinaburg has over 30 years of art industry experience, having worked in the US, Europe and Asia. 

In 1993 she founded DinaburgArts LLC, an art agency that provides curatorial advice and consultation to galleries, museums, institutions, and corporations with a focus on business development and cultural branding. The agency's expertise also include the acquisition and de-accession of Post-Impressionist and Modernist masters, as well as established and emerging International Contemporary artists. 

For 15 years, Mary focused her attention on the Asiatic region - introducing major international artists to Asian collectors, and established and emerging Asian artists to the West. During this period, Mary worked with Howard Rutkowski on a number of major projects, including the Encounter exhibitions (Singapore and Qatar) for the Royal Academy of Arts (London). 

Mary is currently a Managing Member of the newly founded Art Legacy Planning LLC, which focuses on the management of artists' estate and legacy planning. 

Mary has recently returned to New York and thus has reactivated the US headquarters of DinaburgArts LLC. The agency is currently involved in a variety of projects both in the United States and abroad.

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